No More Dead Batteries

Get your waterproof, military grade solar panel today! 

Rollable Solar Panels

Our rollable solar panels can take a beating and are 100% water proof. 

Keep your trolling motor healthier and extend your range. 

7 Watts

14 Watts

21 Watts

28 Watts

42 Watts

60 Watts

Keep your devices charged while on the go!

LightSaver Portable Solar Charger

LightSaver is perfect for charging small electronics while on the water, hiking or camping. 

At 4.9 ounces, It's incredibly light, and can charge an iPhone over 1.5 times from a built in 3,200 mAh battery!  

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PowerFilm Solar Material

Did you know that our solar can take bullets? We took them to the range to make a point. Watch what happened here.

Due to our advanced manufacturing process, PowerFilm solar panels are flexible, foldable and up to the challenge of anything you can throw at them. 

Don't get stuck with a cheap panel that will shatter and underperform.